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Apr 11, 2020

Jon Gaunt says that although #covid-19 is clearly a threat we must also see the lockdown as an opportunity to redouble our efforts to lose weight and take back control of our lives.

In this lively and informative podcast Jon make the point that it would be too easy to use this pandemic as an excuse to eat junk food and...

Feb 16, 2020

Jon Gaunt believes that gentle walking has not only improved his physical health but it has also helped and improved his mental health.

Jon started off doing 10 thousand steps a day, about 5 miles, but has now built up to an average of 9 miles a day. He credits this regime with reversing his Type 2 diabetes, gout,...

Jan 28, 2020

Jon Gaunt has tried every diet in the world and has failed with each one. However now he has created and the weight has fallen off by eating Low Carb High Fat real food.

In this informative and entertaining podcast Jon reveals his top tips to shift that timber in 2020.

His first tip is pretty...